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The Interantional Societey of Homotoxicology and Homeopathy, ISOHH, was founded in 2008 in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Over the past decades national societies for homotoxicology were formed across the globe. However there had been very little opportunity for these societies to interact and for their members to be able to share their knowledge. From the offset it has been our goal to bring together this growing community under one interantional umbrella organization.

ISOHH offers a platform for this global community of homotoxicologists to share their clinical experience and learn more about alternative therapies, in particular homotoxicology and bioregulatory medicine. All members of ISOHH member societies receive free access to our educational material. ISOHH organises international educational events and uses modern technology to offer online educational tools.

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ISOHH will launch a multi-year practice-based training course in homotoxicology. > More
Reseñas de eventos Brazil
Apreciados colegas miembros de la ISOHH, tengo el gusto de compartir con ustedes el informe de actividades de nuestra sociedad en Brasil durante el congreso internacional de Medicina Ortomolecular del 1 al 4 de Mayo del 2014. > More
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